4-8 DECEMBER 2022
Macau SAR, China


Saburo Tsuji Best Paper Award

"Augmenting Softmax Information for Selective Classification with Out-of-Distribution Data”

Guoxuan Xia and Christos-Savvas Bouganis

Best Paper Award Honorable Mention

"TCVM: Temporal Contrasting Video Montage Framework for Self-supervised Video Representation Learning”

Fengrui Tian, Jiawei Fan, Xie Yu, Shaoyi Du, Meina Song and Yu Zhao

Sang Uk Lee Best Student Paper Award

"Temporal-Viewpoint Transportation Plan for Skeletal Few-shot Action Recognition”

Lei Wang and Piotr Koniusz

Best Student Award Honorable Mention

"FunnyNet: Audiovisual Learning of Funny Moments in Videos”

Zhisong Liu, Robin Courant and Vicky Kalogeiton

Songde Ma Best Application Paper Award

"Cross-Architecture Knowledge Distillation”

Yufan Liu, Jiajiong Cao, Bing Li, Weiming Hu, Jingting Ding and Liang Li

Best Application Paper Honorable Mention

"CMT-Co: Contrastive Learning with Character Movement Task for Handwritten Text Recognition”

Xiaoyi Zhang, Jiapeng Wang, Lianwen Jin, Yujin Ren and Yang Xue